Repair of sealing surfaces



By using the patented multicut*-precision tools, you reduce the sealing surface repair work to a few minutes, thus controlling your costs very well and saving a lot of money.


Sealing surfaces for screw-in bores for:


Screwed pipes

Oil level gauges

Locking screws

Spark plugs


that are found in structural components of systems such as




Clamping elements

Distribution rails




Manifold blocks




can be manufactured or repaired everywhere manually, quickly and economically with the multicut*-precision tools without using a machine, just with the suitable ring or open-end wrench.


Difficult, time-consuming and expensive work such as the disassembly of the structural system components, the alignment and machining on a boring mill or on a milling or boring machine or, in the individual case, the scrapping of entire structural components do not occur when multicut*-precision tools are used, so that the tool investment is amortized after just a few uses.


multicut* - precision tools have already proven their worth in customer service, machine repair, aggregates and installations and in the assembly of hydraulic components.


Likewise, in the series production of hydraulic components in a machining center, sealing surfaces not made accurately according to specifications can be economically refinished once again if necessary.


Manufacturing, re-finishing, mending and repairing sealing surfaces in screw-in bores generally takes no longer than 3 minutes per sealing surface.





multicut*-basic tool (fits the screw-in bore thread)


multicut*-profile steel (fits the sealing surface diameter to be worked on)


  Ring or open-end wrench (for turning the basic body).





Product information and behavior operating instructions can be downloaded here.






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